About Us

  • We started selling on eBay part-time in October of 1999 and decided the early part of this year to persue it full-time. Our sales have grown to the point where eBay has recognized us as a PowerSeller for our outstanding customer service commitment and sales. We currently offer a variety of collectibles.

  • During the 70's & 80's we did mail order (and shows) offering old & new issue Aerogrammes and postal stationery of the world. We were also members of the APS, UPSS, AAMS etc. and I was associate editor covering Middle Eastern Postal Stationery for the UPSS's "Postal Stationery" and the "Arab World Philatelist". My regular job (transfers & promotions & 3 kids born in 2 years) forced us to put this part-time endeaver on hold and my dealer stock into storage. Bringing this stock back out after almost 20 years gave us the opportunity to offer one of the most extensive and in depth dealer stocks of world-wide postal stationery thru the mid 80's in existence!

  • We also had a retail store for 5 years offering sports cards, sports apparel and memorabilia, comics and non-sports cards. The MLB and NHL strikes in 1994 almost drove me to drink but decided instead to get a regular job (again) and put the stock in storage.

About Our Store

  • Below are some of the items that you can find in our auctions and at our eBay Store:

  • U.S. & World-Wide Stamped Aerogrammes, Postal Cards, Envelopes, Wrappers, Registered Envelopes, Covers, First Day Covers, Postal History items, Picture Post Cards, First Flight Covers, Topicals, Souvenir Pages, Sports Memorabilia, Sports Cards, Comics, Non-Sports Cards and Misc. Collectibles.

  • You can use the Aerogrammes & Postal Stationery "store search" to find neeeded items by country, topic, type of postal stationery item, or items by sport or by specific category.

Please visit my eBay Store "Aerogrammes and Postal Stationery" often for new additions each week.


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